3 ways to park your tiny house on wheels

Living in a tiny house on wheels can be a great experience. It is considered part of an economic living and you will save a lot of money at the end of the month by living on this type of houses. However, as they don’t have a specific foundation, it can be hard to park them. Here are three ways you can park your house.


Use other’s property

You can park it inside other people’s property and give them monthly rent for it.This way the landlord can have some extra income. You will also get the opportunity to park your house at a safe place. You can also park your house in exchange for some services. For example, the landlord may need a hand for gardening. So, you can help him and in exchange get the permission to park your tiny house on that premise.


Park in rural areas

You can easily park your tiny house on wheels in rural areas. This way it will be out of people’s inquisitive gestures. They won’t complain about your house to the authority and you may not have to pay anything extra for parking your house.



You can find people in similar situation as yours. Discuss with them and buy land together to park your tiny houses. This way you won’t need to spend a fortune to buy land for your tiny house on wheels.

Despite these options, you can also register your tiny house as an RV. That way you will be able to park your house in the mobile parking lots designated for RVs.