3 tips to live peacefully in a tiny house on wheels

Living in a tiny house may be the dream of many people. However, these houses are not like the typical houses in which we live. Many people don’t like to see people parking their houses here and there. They want these houses out of the way. Here are some tips that can help you to live peacefully in a tiny house.


Know the laws of your area

You should be well aware of the laws that govern the tiny house on wheels. The laws are very easy to follow. If you park your house in a place that’s appropriate according to the law of that area then no one will be able to tell you to move.


Be aware of the tax assessors

Make sure that you build and park your house according to the laws of that particular area. The tax assessors take random aerial photos of houses to collect taxes. So, make sure that if the tax assessors find your house, you can show the legal papers for your house.


Keep low profile

You should avoid parking your house in places where lots of people pass by or live. You should keep your house out of sight of people. That way they won’t feel disturbed and won’t ask you to move out.

The bottom line is that you should be a good neighbor so that those people don’t get any scope to complain about you. That way you will be able to live peacefully.