Factors To Consider When Buying A Mattress Topper

A good mattress topper can increase the lifespan of your mattress, prevent you from overheating and offer you a more comfortable night sleep. However, if you want to buy yourself a mattress topper there are a few things you should consider.

  1. Material used

There is a wide range of materials used in making mattress toppers. Therefore knowing what you hope to gain from the mattress topper is important because each material has its pros and cons. To give you a better idea of what each material offers below is a quick brief.

Latex: Latex stands out in terms of comfort and support. Additionally, it is good in alleviating pressure points. Lastly but not the least, latex is very durable and hypoallergenic. On the negative side, latex is very expensive and retains heat.

Memory foam: memory foam provides unbeatable comfort and support. Besides, memory foam is great for pain relief. If you toss and turn a lot while sleeping, memory foam help in reducing motion transfer. On the negative side, memory foam off gases and may retain heat.

Wool: it provides superior softness and it is very comfortable. Another good thing about wool is durability and good temperature regulation features. However, they provide less cushioning than that other materials.

Feather and down: they are very soft and feels luxurious. In addition, feather and down are durable and have temperature regulation features. However, they provide little support and may require regular fluffing to keep its shape.

Cotton and polyester: they are soft and very easy to clean. Unfortunately, they do not last long and finding a high-grade cotton is expensive.

Egg-crate: they are cheap and lightweight making them easy to transport. However, they are less durable; less padded and may retain heat.

  1. Density

The mattress topper density is another important consideration. Quite often, topper densities range between 2 -6+ pounds per cubic feet.

As the general rule of thumb, the higher the density the better the support a topper provides. Again the more it lasts. So a topper whose density is between 2-3 pounds will feel softer and less supportive and will allow your body to sink more. Read tuft and needle mattress review to know more.

Between 4-5 pounds, the topper provides a good balance of softness and support and this is the ideal density for many people. Beyond 6 pounds, the topper will feel firmer and it is better for people who need a high level of support.

  1. Hot or cold

Keep in mind that not all toppers have temperature-regulating functions. Some are made with materials that retain heat and may sleep hotter than others are.

On the other hand, some toppers are made to automatically regulate temperature. Therefore, it is important you understand your needs first and then choose a topper made from the right materials.

  1. Topper firmness

Mattress topper comes in three-firmness level: soft, medium and firm. A soft topper provides a little extra comfort and support. Such toppers are good for those who need to enhance the comfort of a very firm mattress.

Medium firm toppers provide a balanced level of comfort and support. It also contours well to the body natural curves and this helps in reducing pressure around the heavier areas.

Conversely, firm mattress toppers provide a little extra comfort but more support to the areas that need it most. These toppers are ideal for those with saggy or indented mattresses.

  1. Your budget

With the countless options on the market, it is not easy to narrow down the choices. However, keeping an eye on your budget can help you delve deeper into your desired specifics. Since mattress topper cost is very diverse, your budget can help you to slim down.

Although there is an old adage saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ do not always buy the most expensive toppers since you can still get good toppers at affordable prices.

And finally;

If you choose the right mattress topper according to your sleep needs, then be sure to start sleeping better. As a reminder, things that matter when choosing a mattress topper are; the material used density, firmness level, hot or cold and price. All the best as you make the purchase decision.


Ways To Maintain Your Bed Mattress

It is important that you keep your bed mattress in good shape at all times otherwise you will end up having bad days as you wake up. There are different ways for you to ensure that you can maintain your bed. To make sure that you’re doing the right thing, here are the following ways.

  1. It needs turning

Every mattress that you own needs to be turned to its other side. Its purpose is to make sure that both sides are used for sleeping. The bed mattress is constructed to a kind of design that fits for sleeping. It allows for you to settle and to avoid depression of the mattress. There should be regular rotation in using your mattress and always read the manufacturer’s manual guide for further instructions.

  1. No-turn

However, there are other types of bed mattresses that doesn’t have to be turned regularly as often. It is constructed mainly for only one side of sleeping. If you are a busy type of person with hectic schedules, perhaps this kind of bed is best suited for you. Although it is still beneficial if you turn the bed to sides. As mentioned, never missed out reading the manufacturer’s guide for a no-turn bed mattress, which are called the best mattress.

  1. The No need turn type of bed mattress

This is another type of bed mattress that you don’t necessarily have to turn to sides. It is another option for people who have less time arranging their bedroom or those who are rarely staying home. This has all its benefits of not turning a bed mattress, however, the only downside is that as soon as it gets soiled it would be stressful to you. As much as possible, take time to turn its side so that you can make use of the entire function of the mattress. Once again, always refer to the manual’s guide for further instructions.

Improving the fillings of your mattress

Settlement is a term used to describe how the filling of the mattress are settled or in other words compressed as soon as it is slept on. The respond of the fillings would depend on the weight that you have put on. You don’t have to worry as this is normal. This actually molds the entire shape of the body and the comfort of the mattress will also improve the entire fillings to settle.

The process of settlement would take up to three months or even longer depending on how the fillings are responsive to the added weight. If you see that there is a slight indentation to the bed mattress top surface that’s because you have placed weight on it and it is a normal process as it remained after the settlement.

Maintenance is necessary for you to have a longer lasting bed mattress. Keep in mind that a bed mattress can be considered an investment for your home to keep which is why you need to check the manufacturer’s guide for its proper ways of maintaining.